Upcoming Dates

Apr 01 – Public Records [NY]

Apr 02 – Making Time [PA]
Apr 08 – Moony Habits [LA]
Apr 22 – 1015 Folsom [SF]

Apr 28 – Floyd [FL]

Apr 29 – Good Room [NY]

May 07 – Paradise [CAN]
May 12 – Cherry [WA]
May 26 – Good Room [NY]
May 29 – Danceportation [CO]

June 12 – Sunday Sunday [NY]

July 8-10 – Earth Beat Weekender [NY]
July 23 – Public Records [NY]


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Gee Dee (AKA Greg Droggitis) is a DJ, producer, and experimental musician from New York by way of Philadelphia and Washington, DC. What comes through most clearly in his music is a sense of freedom and a lack of inhibition. A true purveyor of the “anything goes” ethos, he’s spent 10+ years honing his craft. This has equipped him with an uncanny ability to seamlessly crest between genres, tempos, and moods both in his productions and DJ sets.

Droggitis is resident at Making Time, a Philadelphia institution run by Dave P. While he continues to hold this residency, since moving to NYC, he’s branched out greatly as a DJ. He currently holds a residency at Public Records as a solo artist, and at Good Room as a member of Earth Beat, a collective he was instrumental in founding. You can hear him at any of these parties masterfully weaving between house, techno, dub, ambient, new beat, Italo, disco, and basically anything else good.

2020 was Gee Dee’s coming out party as a producer. His output included his debut EP, ‘Ocean Walk’ on Superior Elevation and his follow-up EP, ‘Key Of Sea’ on Planet Trip, both distributed by Rush Hour.

In 2021, Juan MacLean and Gee Dee formed Infinity Machine, a collaborative project that intentionally wields the power of psychedelic sound as a ritualistic, ceremonial and healing device. In addition to performing at numerous events and ceremonies, Infinity Machine is currently working on a series of releases for a new DFA sub label entitled “Sacred Service".

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NYC –– For All Requests: hello@gregorydroggitis.com