Future Dates

2023.05.26 – Glen Falls House [Round Top, NY]
2023.06.09 – Heels & Souls [London, UK]
2023.07.15 – Love International [Tisno, HR]
2023.07.29 – Earth Beat Weekender [Round Top, NY]

Past Dates

2023.04.28 – Good Room [Brooklyn, NY]
2023.04.12 – Music Room [Melbourne, VIC]
2023.04.02 – Club 77 [Sydney, NSW]
2023.04.01 – Club 77 [Sydney, NSW]
2023.03.25 – Angel Music Bar [Melbourne, VIC]
2023.03.12 – Public Records w/ Chaos In The CBD
2023.03.10 – Planetarium [Brooklyn, NY]
2023.03.05 – Sunday Sunday [Mexico City, MX]
2023.03.03 – Teksupport w/ Peggy Gou & Perel [Brooklyn, NY]
2023.02.17 – Winter Weekender [Round Top, NY]
2023.02.10 – Good Room [Brooklyn, NY]
2023.02.05 – Weird Science [Brooklyn, NY]
2023.01.19 – Middlesex [Boston, MA]
2022.12.30 – Black Flamingo [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.12.17 – Good Room [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.11.12 – Good Room [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.11.04 – Public Records [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.10.08 – Good Room [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.09.24 – Making Time ∞ [Philadelphia, PA]
2022.09.11 – The Psychedelic Assembly [New York, NY]
2022.08.12 – Good Room [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.07.23 – Public Records w/ Jamie Tiller & Lauren Hansom [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.07.16 – Fixed Weekender [Round Top, NY]
2022.07.09 – Earth Beat Weekender [Round Top, NY]
2022.06.05 – Sunday Sunday [Mexico City, MX]
2022.05.29 – Danceportation [Denver, CO]
2022.05.26 – Good Room w/ Tornado Wallace [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.05.12 – Cherry w/ Bruce [Seattle, WA]
2022.05.07 – Paradise w/ D.Dee [Vancouver, BC]
2022.04.29 – Good Room w/ Roman Flügel [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.04.28 – Floyd w/ Earth Beat [Miami, FL]
2022.04.22 – 1015 Folsom [San Francisco, CA]
2022.04.08 – Moony Habits w/ Yu Su & Loveshadow [Los Angeles, CA]
2022.04.02 – Making Time w/ Yu Su & [Philadelphia, PA]
2022.04.04 – Public Records w/ Yu Su [Brooklyn, NY]
2022.03.10 – Making Time w/ Danilo Plessow [Philadelphia, PA]
2022.03.06 – Sunday Sunday [Mexico City, MX]
2022.03.04 – Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival [Okeechobee, FL]
2022.02.18 – Good Room [Brooklyn, NY]



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Gee Dee is a Brooklyn-based DJ, producer and experimental musician rooted firmly in North America’s club scene. With longstanding residencies at New York’s Good Room and Public Records, and a 10-year veteran of Philadelphia’s iconic Making Time party, Gee Dee has been commanding dance floors for over a decade with his well-informed blend of electronic music.

An optimistic sense of freedom and a contagious lack of inhibition shine brightly throughout his work. A true purveyor of the “anything goes” ethos, he possesses an uncanny ability to seamlessly crest between decades, genres, tempos, and moods, both in his DJ sets and productions. Whether you catch a solo set or hear him play with Earth Beat, the Brooklyn-based party he formed in 2019, Gee Dee takes listeners on a musical journey through early garage, progressive heaters, 303 soaked acid, piano anthems, jacking percussive movements and beyond...guaranteed to make you sweat.

Formerly DJing as Greg D, 2020 saw the producer’s first releases under the Gee Dee moniker. His output included a debut 12” on New York’s Superior Elevation and a follow-up EP on Mike Who’s Planet Trip.

In 2021, as a multi-instrumentalist and experimental musician, he formed Infinity Machine with Juan MacLean. The collaborative project intentionally wields the power of psychedelic sound as a ritualistic, ceremonial healing device through immersive journeys of shapeshifting acoustic and electronic sounds. Beginning as an intimate psychedelic ceremony, the duo has risen above ground, performing at the first ever Psychedelic Assembly in NYC, on The Bunker’s Going In live stream, and at Making Time ∞. Infinity Machine is set to release a series of cassettes for DFA Records in early 2023.

A consistent contributor to the world of Online mixes, you can hear Gee Dee’s encyclopedic musical landscape come to life on his guest radio spots for Heels and Souls on Worldwide FM, Bar Part Time, Rhode and Brown, Friendly Potential, Tuff Shed on NTS Radio and many more...
© 2023 Gee Dee, All Rights Reserve. NYC –– hello@gregorydroggitis.com